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Frequent Nebulizer Treatments

3 weeks ago, I went to my friends house to have a small, socially distanced gathering in his back patio. When I arrived, a bonfire was already going. Bonfires/campfires had never bothered me in the past, so I didn’t have the thought to ask him to put it out. I had taken my mask off to eat, thus inhaling bonfire smoke for at least 3-4 hours. Since then, I have had 3 visits to the ER. I have been using 3 doses of my nebulizer every night, for 3 weeks, with seemingly no improvement. I started some new daily medications prescribed by my Allergist, including Breo, but still little to no change. My chest X-rays came back clear. I'm wondering if anyone else has had problems like this? What are the risks of me using my nebulizer/albuterol so often like this? Thank you.

  1. Hi. Jared93. Thank you for sharing your personal asthma experience. Sorry you are having to go through this. Glad to hear you are getting good management by an asthma specialist (Allergist) and ER physicians. X-rays are generally normal when you have asthma. An x-ray may often be taken to make sure you don't have other conditions causing your symptoms, such as pneumonia (which would be visible on x-ray). Taking your nebulizer should be fine so long as that is the treatment approved by your physician. I have at times done the same treatment for my asthma flare-ups when they occur and have not experienced any issues (other than feeling jittery afterwords). How long have you been on your new medicines such as Breo? I as as it can take 2-3 weeks of these types of medicines to get the full effects of them. John. community moderator.

    1. Thank you, John. I have only been on Breo for about 4 days now. I expected it to work immediately, but what you said is reassuring, that it can take a few weeks for it's full effect. I was prescribed a 30 day supply, and I'm supposed to switch back to Symbicort and check in with my Allergist again once it's complete. Thankfully, the nebulizer is really helping me sleep. I'm just using what seems like so much of it, so consistently, that I got a little worried. I will check back in. Thanks again!

  2. After I found out I had asthma, I spent the whole summer feeling short of breath with chest tightness. I also coughed frequently. It was worse after being exposed to camp smoke. It took several months and a few changes to my med/inhaler routine before I really felt better. Let your doctor know how you are feeling and hope you breathe better soon.

    1. Yesterday I finished my last dose of prednisone. Tonight, I used my typical 3 nebulizer treatments, but still found myself wheezing. I just went to the ER again to take prednisone and get a prescription. The albuterol and daily meds are not enough to control my symptoms. Prednisone is needed daily.

      1. Thank you for the update, Jared93. Sorry again you are having such a hard time. I have had similar persistent asthma flare-ups in the past. Sometimes it takes time to get over them. It does sound like you are doing all the right things. Hang in there! And do keep us posted. Hoping to hear you are doing better today? John. community moderator.

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