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Asthma Grumpiness

Last updated: December 2022

In an earlier post, I talked about Asthma Happiness. I wrote about all the asthma-related things that make me happy. Here I would like to talk about asthma grumpiness or the asthma-related things that make me grumpy.

What asthma-related things make me grumpy?

When my doctor will not listen to me

Look, I have had asthma all my life. I am 52 years old. When I have an asthma attack, my doctor wants me to go into the office. And for this, I have a $40 copay. Every time this happens, he prescribes steroids and an antibiotic. So, my humble request was for him to prescribe me prednisone and an antibiotic to put in my medicine cabinet. This way, when I am experiencing asthma, I can just take this instead of having to come in to see him and pay $40. He refused. GRRRRR. Thankfully I also have an asthma specialist called an ENT. And he granted my wish.

When my primary care physician (PCP) cannot get me in when I am having flare-ups

Interestingly, that same PCP said all I need to do when I am having flare-ups is call him. He said he will get me into the office right away. Several months later I have a flare-up and call his office to be seen. The soonest they can get me in his schedule is in 2 weeks. Then they say if I need to be seen right away to go to the walk-in clinic. GRRRRR. How is that anything close to “I’ll get you in if you need to see me" ? This is a far cry from what it was like even ten years ago, when my doctor could always fit me in.

Waiting in line

So, you finally get your prescription, and you rush to the pharmacy so you can start taking it. And you find that there are ten people in line in front of you. UGGGG.

When my PCP cancels my appointments

You finally get in to see your PCP. You get online and see that there is a spot open at 1 pm tomorrow. You get up the next morning anticipating that you will be seen. And then you turn on your phone to see a voicemail, “You will need to reschedule your appointment or go to the walk-in clinic.” GRRRRR

Having to explain my asthma all over again

If you are wondering why I am so adamant about seeing my own doctor. It’s because he knows me best. It’s likewise frustrating when you have to explain your asthma all over again to a doctor who has never seen you before.

Being limited to one inhaler per month

This is another big bummer for me. Up to about ten years ago, my PCP would write my albuterol prescriptions for 3 inhalers. This way I was able to get 3 inhalers each time I asked for a new refill. This was nice because I would always have a spare inhaler. And because you have to take your rescue inhaler with you wherever you went, this increased your risk of losing it. Well, about ten years ago, insurance companies decided they needed to find ways to save money. So they decided to overrule doctors and limit those of us with asthma to one albuterol inhaler per month. GRRRRR.

And then there is asthma-induced grumpiness

Yes, we all know about this one all to well. So I do not think I need to delve to deep into an explanation here. You have plans. You want to go about your life as usual. Yet your asthma decides to be a butt again. GRRRRR.

Have you experienced asthma grumpiness?

Well, I'm sure I'm not the lone asthmatic to get grumpy from time to time. If asthma grumpiness is something you've experienced, please feel free to rant in the comments below. You definitely have empathy here, along with an open ear.

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