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Asthma Awareness Month 2023: More Than My Asthma

May is Asthma Awareness Month 2023! We know that living with asthma and managing symptoms can be exhausting, especially when contending with other health conditions at the same time. Our community is composed of individuals living with asthma at all levels of severity and a wide variety of comorbidities.

That's why our Asthma Awareness Month 2023 theme is More Than My Asthma. We'll be focusing on what it's like to live with asthma and multiple conditions, and how to care for the whole person rather than only the specific condition.

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Asthma comorbidities

We know that many people with asthma also contend with other health conditions, otherwise known as comorbidities. These conditions can impact one another and how a person is feeling on a daily basis. Our Health Leaders and community members have shared their experiences living with multiple conditions:

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My Asthma and Its Playmates
Skin and Asthma Connections
Common Variable Immune Deficiency and Asthma
Is It Asthma or COPD... or Both?

Caring for the whole person

It can be a challenge to prioritize self-care when living with multiple conditions. Throughout the month of May, we'll explore what it's like caring for oneself while living with multiple conditions. Here are just some of the ways our Health Leaders care for themselves:

Ask the Advocates: Asthma Self-Care Practices
Choosing a Pillow When You Have Asthma
Self-Care Does Not Mean Selfish
Quality of Life (In a Different Sense)
The Difference Between Air Purifiers and Humidifiers

What's your story?

Whether you are living with asthma or caring for a loved one who has it, your story is worth sharing. Spread awareness and make an impact on the asthma community by sharing your story.

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Do you want to connect with others in the community who contend with multiple health conditions? Join the discussion in our forums to see how others are managing life with comorbidities. If you have a question about a specific comorbidity or asthma symptom, we encourage you to start your own forum!

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