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Why I Contribute

Warm greetings to everyone in the asthma community! As I sit here on day 22 of isolation, I am reminded of my reasons for wanting to share my experiences as an asthma patient and a lung cancer survivor, to name a couple of my health issues. So I am in isolation and I can’t help but think about how grateful I am to have this forum to turn to. Not just in today’s current environment--but always. It is so helpful to hear from so many others who are in the same boat.

Asthma often makes me feel isolated and alone. In reality, I am alone, but WE are together in our little corners of the planet doing our best to stay safe and healthy and live our lives. The current climate in the world has intensified that for us.

Finding others just like me

Having this online community to turn to now and in the past has been very comforting. I have had many moments of feeling so validated, and it didn’t necessarily come from a response to something I wrote or shared. Often these moments come from feeling relieved that someone, somewhere out there shared their experience and knows what I am feeling, or I read a post from someone who shares my weird reaction to certain triggers, or I find out someone has the same unusual trigger, or is struggling with their asthma and can’t figure out why. The bottom line is that it helps me feel that I am not alone.

If I write something in one of my articles that resonates with just one person, I am so happy. I am not a medical professional; I am simply an asthma patient who wants to contribute to the community. My hope is that, in some small way, someone out there can have the same ‘aha moments’ that I often have when I turn to for support and guidance. The articles, posts, and comments on this site have given me peace of mind, provided valuable information, and have given me a place to be with people that know what it’s like to have asthma impact your life in very significant ways.

Always moving forward

Also, and most importantly, when I write my articles I try very hard to remind myself and anyone who reads them that there is always forward motion in life. Even when we are at our absolute lowest and trying to take a breath seems insurmountable, our goal should always be forward motion. I don’t say that lightly or without the understanding that that concept may be quite challenging at times.

I can remember being in my doctor’s office one day asking if I would ever be able to breathe normally again. Just a few weeks ago, I was terribly sick and my chest felt like it was being set on fire, blown up and splintered, and pierced with a red-hot poker all at the same time. We’ve all had those episodes, they are not fun. During an illness like that, it is hard to think of forward motion.

So yes, forward motion and living my life to the fullest, even with asthma by my side, is my goal. It's not always easy--some days I am not successful--but it’s my goal, my story, and I’m sticking to it!

We are different, but the same

No matter what is happening in your world or our world, is a wonderful community to go for support, guidance, and camaraderie. We hear each other, we encourage each other, and we value everyone’s perspective. My asthma may not be the same as your asthma, but I guarantee you we can learn something valuable from each other by simply sharing our experiences. In the big picture, this support, validation, guidance, and kindness helps all of us stay positive and keeps us moving forward.

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