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Having a Breathing Condition Can Knock One’s Confidence

I always find it incredible when people I meet can tell I have asthma. Quite naturally, I always think that when I am out on a social occasion or at work I am coming across like a normal, healthy person, but obviously I am not. Knowing this has made me a little self-conscious. Recently, I recorded myself speaking and it is horrible to watch. Even when I am well, there is a heaviness to my breathing that is really noticeable. We sound so different to ourselves than what other people hear. It is astonishing.

Sometimes asthma knocks my confidence

Knowing how I come across, especially in a professional setting, is a little embarrassing, especially realizing that people know you might be struggling. In my job as a driving instructor, part of the role is to ensure confidence and inspire people to learn a new skill. If the tutor comes across as someone who has many ailments (which I have), this may be a little disconcerting for the paying client. You like to think that most people are understanding but you never really know, and that can knock my confidence a tad.

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On the plus side, I am obviously doing something right because I have had my business for 18 years. Whenever I get a little down about things, I remind myself of this fact, but it just goes to show how having asthma or any other chronic condition is mentally, as well as physically, draining. Learning to live with asthma is a full-time job. Finding out where your strengths lie and how best to navigate your way through life is something that will only be beneficial.

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What are some of my coping strategies for topping up my confidence levels?

If I am feeling that strange lack of confidence it probably means I am not keeping disciplined with some of the things:

  •  When I can, keeping active is really important for me. I try to keep moving whether it be walking or taking part in a sporting activity.
  • I always avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. Obviously smoking is a definite no-no! I could chew gum instead.
  • I try to use stress management and relaxation techniques. A little meditation in the mornings can be a really good way to kick off the day.
  • Making sure I get a good night's sleep is essential.
  • I try to eat as healthily as possible.
  • I try to find out as much as I can about my health issue. Knowledge is power.

There is no end to working on oneself.

The job is never finished. We have to keep going. Keep moving forward. If I stand still I am in danger of stagnating and when things stagnate they usually end up dying. That sounded more morbid than I intended but I am sure you get the metaphor.

This year someone said that I should try to say yes to things. This is quite a nice idea. I know it seemed to work well for Jim Carey in his film Yes Man. Hopefully, 2023 will be a fantastic year for us all.

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