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Washing It All Out: Embracing a Medication Washout Period

Rinse and repeat was all I could think about. I was nervous about this experience because it meant that I may have a decline in my asthma stability, but it could mean that some side effects I was experiencing may be discontinued.

The plan was that I would discontinue this particular medication combination and then start a new medication. I have been fortunate to have had a stable medication routine for some time.

Medication washout period: My thoughts and feelings

Change is hard and my memory was feeling selective on this process. I had been in touch with my care team and I had received more specifics on the number of weeks that we were going to wait between initiating a "new to me" medication.

It has been some time since I discontinued a drug and "washed it out" and I had forgotten what to expect. It seemed like these times always seemed to collide with a period in which I might already be on a slippery asthma slope. I know the bottom line is all getting to a place of good asthma control with the least amount of side effects possible.

I found myself asking if I needed to wash this drug out of my system. I had experience with clinical trials. Clinical trials tend to be much more regimented, however, a washout can also apply to medication changes and this would be just the case in my circumstance. I would discontinue a medication and then we would wait several weeks before starting a new one.

What would happen during this time?

In the interim, I would have new baseline measurements taken. It was going to be the usual: test spirometry, a sputum induction, fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO), blood work, and even a CT scan this time.

I remember being a bit shocked when my doctor suggested so many tests. They are very thorough however it was feeling like a lot. Due to scheduling and testing availabilities, I would have to do the scan at a separate time, however, I could do the rest fairly easily at an upcoming appointment.

I was going to be one step closer to a newer treatment regimen that hopefully would get us a bit closer to being well-controlled and having fewer side effects.

Hope for better asthma control

I am grateful that this newer medication may provide me with the ability to be more stable and live my life in the way I would like to. I have been angry that my previous combination was not working the same way and I just could not figure out where the side effects were coming from. It was so frustrating and I considered that I may not ever get back to that sweet spot of being well-controlled.

In a recent discussion with my care team, we discussed the progress that I have made, but also I might be the best that I can get. As a severe asthmatic, I just want to be the best that I can be without managing many side effects.

Have you experienced a washout period? Have you experienced any deterioration in your asthma control?

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