Smoothies: Refreshing, Or An Asthma Trigger?

The Hubster and I stopped for a bite to eat at a sandwich shop, and I couldn’t resist their special - a tropical flavored smoothie. With temperatures outside near 98 degrees, a thought a smoothie will hit the spot.

The sandwich was delicious, and the smoothie was cold and sweet. It was so refreshing. Until The Tickle started in my throat. Sigh. So annoying.

The tell-tale signs of an asthma attack

For me, sometimes The Throat Tickle will be the start of an asthma attack. It's like a little hint that things are going to get worse if I don't pay attention to whatever trigger I'm around (in this case, something cold). The Throat Tickele will get worse and worse until I start to cough.

But sometimes, The Throat Tickle will go away on it's own. I couldn’t resist the sweet smoothie, so I thought I would take my chances. It was blazing hot outside, and the smoothie was really helping me to cool off. So, I had to have a few more sips. (And it was delicious!)

Well, The Lungs said, “Hmmmm.....I warned you and you didn't listen. So, I’m going to make you listen!”

So, then the coughing started. And got worse, and worse. My eyes started to water and I was coughing so hard, I couldn't talk. I knew I needed my rescue inhaler! So, I had a nasty little asthma attack (pretty bad coughing spell), right there in the middle of the sandwich shop. What a fun way to end a lunch date!

And then I lost my voice.

I’m not going to lie - the Hubster LOVES it when I lose my voice! (He's been listening to me talk for over 30 years, the poor guy deserves a break.)

Since I couldn't talk, I slowly pushed the smoothie across the table to the Hubster. He thought I was trying to share, so I shook my head and whispered “No - you finish it.” Cough, cough, cough. “Can’t.” He gazes at me and then slowly realized what had happened. Cold temperatures are one of my asthma triggers (cold weather, smoothies, ice cream, milkshakes and even yogurt.)

Since asthma triggers are different for everyone (and can change over time), it's important to know (and try to avoid) your asthma triggers. But, sometimes you just can't help it! How am I supposed to turn down a tropical smoothie?!

After lunch, we stopped to browse at a couple of boutiques, and what a happens when you walk in? The sales clerks ask, “How are you today? Can I help you find anything?”

Well, I can’t speak above a whisper, so I just nod from across the boutique and smile. Awkward.

So, what’s the lesson here? Not drink smoothies?

Well, listen to your body and know your triggers. I KNOW that cold temperatures will trigger my asthma. But sometimes I just can’t resist a sweet, cold smoothie.

I need to learn to just have a few sips and then pass it to the Hubster.

Stupid asthma.

Anyone else feel like Asthma ruins your fun?

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