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This Is What Asthma Sounds Like

I can write as many blog posts as I want, but it's one thing to read about asthma, it's another to hear what it really sounds like! This is also a reminder to always have your inhaler/nebulizer handy.

I was simply setting up my backyard for a dinner party and in 30 seconds, I went from feeling fine to coughing so hard I was almost throwing up. It was such a severe attack that I couldn't put my nebulizer together. (Keep in mind that I am no novice – I have been using the same nebulizer for 17 years!)

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Hearing my asthma attack

My college-aged son happened to be home and was helping me set up for the party. He heard what happened and saw me struggling with the nebulizer and doubled over coughing and gasping for breath. He quickly assembled the nebulizer and helped me to the compressor unit so I could start breathing treatment. He also grabbed a glass of water for me.

I think it scared him a bit. When he was younger, I saw him struggling to breathe and hospitalized 8 times for asthma. But he has never seen his mom struggling to breathe.

Asthma attacks can happen to anyone, anytime.

Always, always, always have your inhaler or nebulizer with you!

What does asthma sound like?

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