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Diagnosed at 42!

I coughed for years, especially after exercise, and spent several weeks coughing while taking codeine cough medicine… before I


As a child I had colds with a lot of coughing as I got older things were worse. I


Experienced asthma as a child (mother severely affected) Sporadic incidences over 78 years. Back with a vengeance after retiring


When I was 44 years old, asthma hit me like a freight train, and I am still on the

My life

I really don’t get actual attacks very often. It’s more of an ongoing 24/7 thing for me… Most days


I get attacks some times so bad I feel like am in a hole and can’t get out! When


I am a 9/11 survivor. I was on wall street that day. Developed bronchitis first night. Spent five years