Tired of the Bullying

I'm new to this site. Hopefully I can receive some answers and maybe help another if possible.

My experience managing asthma

I'm almost 60 years old. I've had asthma and allergies since birth. Toradol oral liquid to pills was the only real home treatment that worked. Emergency inhalers were prescribed only into my late teens. Injections from the ER & hospital stays with oxygen tents truly helped within my childhood years. My asthma became better, through the grace of God over the years.

A nebulizer was prescribed in my 30s. No medication with the nebulizer ever helped or it made my breathing worse, to the point of passing out. I just wasn't able to get enough air. Thankfully, I had family physicians that prescribed emergency inhalers but referred me to asthma specialists.

My experience with medical gaslighting by asthma specialists

I'm tired of being bullied, talked down to, and gaslighted from specialists who educate me on asthma and treatments without having an attack themselves and not listening to the side-effects I'm go through with certain medications. 40 years of avoiding asthma specialists and staying under the care of my family doctors has been the best for me. When in the hospital over the years for other reasons, I had asthma attacks. They forced the nebulizer on me, I tried to explain but the specialists know more than me and will argue and mistreat me, stating I'm wrong, and then forcing the breathing treatments until I pass out and more complications arise. I'm told this is the only treatment and if I refuse, it's charted.

Medical gaslighting's impact on my asthma

I'm difficult and refuse doctor's orders. So I'm left untreated and sometimes not allowed to use my emergency inhaler and other treatments. And I must avoid steroids due to a new heart valve. Thankfully, my family doctors prescribed certain emergency inhalers when needed and in my 40s, I was prescribed an oxygen machine from my family doctor, pnly to be used with a major attack or an upper respiratory infection. This has managed my asthma condition, but not while in a hospital. So when I read about this site of yours, maybe hope is available.

Has anyone else ever had similar experiences? My hope and prayer is that everyone can be treated with the best treatment for them and have a full life.

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