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Anyone have problems on airplanes with asthma?

I have taken 5 different trips on airplanes this year. I wear a heavy charcoal mask and do saline rinse between and after flights and still get very sick a few days later. Once was so bad I ended up in ER. Are my flying days over?

  1. I say not really when in truth, I wash my seat area with disposable antibacterial wipes and pre-medicate with my allergy meds. They just had a good article here regarding air travel and asthma.

    1. Hi LinnM and thanks for your post. You may have seen that Shellzoo referred to articles here on our website that relate to your specific concerns.
      First, this article providing tips for traveling on the road and in airplanes:
      For the second article, see below.
      Leon (site moderator)

      1. Hi again, LinnM. This section of only permits posting one link per post. The second article you may find to be helpful is this one on reducing stress when traveling with asthma:
        We appreciate your posting in our question & answer section.
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator)

        1. When you premedicate are you talking about your regular maintenance medications or your rescue medications? I carry prednisone and antibiotics when I travel but I don't begin using them until I have symptoms.
          Thanks for your input.

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