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End of Life Planning

Talking about the end of our life can feel taboo, but the fact is we will all be in that stage of life at some point, and having a plan, or at least making our wishes known, can make a better end of life experience for yourself and your loved ones. Having these discussions can be extremely helpful in identifying what we want, and just as important, what we don’t want through the different stages of life.

Having trouble getting this conversation started? That's okay! This can be a tricky topic to approach. Ask your questions below or talk about what you have experienced when it comes to advanced directives.

  1. hi, I think this great, many people usually relate advanced care planning to a death sentence. I think having plans in place help people have some input in their own lives when they may no longer have a voice. It relieves stress on loved ones and makes the process of dying a little less complicated and keeps your loved ones from being put in a position to make those hard choices when they really need the time to help grieve.
    The one issue I have questions about is if an emergency happens and you have an advanced directive in place, you just don't have it on you... how can we proactively get that information to the treating hospital so my wishes are followed through?

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