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Mask & chest congestion

I have been using disposable masks for the last 12+ months whenever I was away from home including wearing it while doing high intensity gym workouts. Over the last few months I have developed chest congestion (more than normal) that has made my asthma worse, I cough more and my voice is raspy and I can hear the congestion when coughing. I do not have an infection and I have not seen my doctor. My question is: could the congestion be getting worse due to wearing the mask?


  1. Hi Betty, and thanks for your post and question - it's a good one. You may be aware asthma affects all people (with the condition, differently. As such it would be difficult to determine (remotely) if the mask is causing the congestion you've described.
    You did say you do not have an infection - and you have not seen your doctor either. There are other medical conditions, and even some medications, that can result in unexpected congestion (with no infection) - you may want to be evaluated by the doctor, if only to determine what is going on that is causing this for you!
    What do you think?
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Thank you for responding Leon! I did talk to a pharmacist and she recommended plain Mucinex in the blue box. I am on b/p medication and cannot take a decongestant so this is what she suggested. I took the first pill last night and the second one 12 hours later per the instructions on the box. I am so much better today, but still have a ways to go. The humidity in NC has been horrendous so I'm sure that has not helped at all. Maybe the congestion will play itself out and go away with the help of Mucinex. Also, I have been wearing the mask to the gym, but take it off while in exercise class. I am at least 6' away from everyone else so I think that is okay. The reason I am hesitant to see my PCP (I'm going to be very honest here) is because is LOVES Dr. Fauci and I think he would tell me to get the COVID shot (I won't do that) or stay home which is not a good option for me either. I do have my physical on July 8 so if I am still having an issue I will bring it up then.

      1. Hi again, Betty, and thanks for your prompt reply and further explanation. Glad to hear the recommendation from the pharmacist (Mucinex), seems to be working out for you. Perhaps, as you said, this medication will take care of the congestion issue.
        I do appreciate your candor when sharing about your primary physician. Of course, the choice is yours - to be vaccinated or not.
        Having asthma myself (for many, many years), and being in the health care profession (for many, many years), my entire family and I were all vaccinated with minimal side effects. That was our decision and choice. We do feel more comfortable now in public being vaccinated. That is all from my perspective.
        Please do check back and keep us apprised of your progress with the congestion, mask wearing and of course, your appointment with the physician on July 8.
        Wishing you well,
        Leon (site moderator

    2. Thank you Leon!

      1. Hi again, Betty - it's my pleasure, on behalf of
        We hope you will continue to use our community website as often and for as long as you like.
        Looking forward to our next conversation.
        Leon (site moderator

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