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Shortness Of Breath

Largely, I have been having a hard time castching my breath.. Whenever I am having a hard time, I take deep breaths but still have as hard time breathing. Last nite was hard. I took a deep breath then my chest began to hurt.b. I have been concerned about this. I used my albuterol last nite but it did not help. I am not sure off I should go to a Dr about this. I saw my family Dr but she was not helpful. They had me take a Aug. Nothing wrong with my heart. I have a allergist but money is a issue for me.

  1. Hi Seuss, and thanks for your post and, for sharing your recent experiences. Although we cannot provide medical advice or diagnostics over the internet (for your own safety), I will mention that asthma is an obstructive disease. In general, what this means is asthmatics typically do not have issues inhaling, but rather the issue is exhaling! That being said, although you may be taking a deep breath in (inhaling), you may want to use one of the breathing strategies (like pursed lip breathing) to assist in getting the air out (exhaling). However, if your symptoms of feeling short of breath persist or worsen (especially since you're taking albuterol), you may want to reach out for your physician. Please do keep us posted as to how you're doing. Wishing you well, Leon (site moderator)

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