Not Happy with Asthma Doctors in General

Last updated: February 2023

I have heard that there are several types of asthma, but none seem to fit me. My eosinophil count is right on and while I have some allergies, they do not necessarily trigger an attack. Yet, when I have visited doctors about keeping my asthma in check, not only do I not get definitive answers, I walk away feeling like they just did not care.

My first visit to an asthma doctor

The first one I went to, I was first seen by the physician's assistant, who refused to answer any questions while he was putting me through my initial visit. Why was there a look of contempt on his face? I tried to communicate but got nothing back. When I finished the initial check-in, I made sure the pulmonologist knew that I was unhappy. I refuse to go back to that office again.

Another day, another unhelpful asthma doctor

The next one I went to was in an office that listed asthma on his sign outside. Wow, I thought, I would get a doctor who could answer all my questions. Well, he answered some, but again, I detected an air of aloofness. No questions about me. No interest in how or where my asthma came from. Just blow in that hose thing, (which, of course, did not produce a good result) and tell me that my asthma was not under control (yes, at that time, it was not.) They stuck me on a controller, (which now, I can never get off of). They never asked me about my sleep apnea and never asked me about my health as a child.

Unhelpful asthma doctors

So what's the deal with asthma doctors? Are they all like this? I don't know who to see next. Right now, I'm okay, except for the cough. It seems to be productive, but the expensive OTC expectorant is not expectorating. Otherwise, it appears I only need my inhaler when the humidity is high and the air oppressive, which, unfortunately, we get a lot of here in the deep south.

I will need to figure out what to do next.

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