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Is it possible for asthma symptoms to be caused by dryness (not necessarily with cold temperature)?

I'm new to, although not to asthma. I've noticed the past few days our temps are warmer than normal for March, but outside air is very dry, and inside air is following suit. By mid-afternoon, I am gasping, and then in the evening, I feel better. I am wondering if this is caused by dryness. Is this unusual?

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  1. Very interesting that you ask this question. Most asthma experts note that an ideal humidity for asthmatics is greater than 30 and less than 50. Less than 30 has the "potential" to irritate airways and trigger the asthma response. So, that is something that is recognized. There are also other triggers out this time of year, such as pollen and mold from melting snow. Have you discussed this with your asthma physician? John.
    Community Moderator

    1. Hi leslie757, and thanks for your post. I see my colleague, John, has already provided a good response for your concern.

      Since you are not new to asthma, you are probably aware that asthma affects all patients differently. As well, triggers can vary widely from patient to patient.

      Having said that, for some people dry air can provide them with great comfort (for their breathing), while for others, the very same conditions may act as a trigger.

      Although you may be on target (for yourself), that the conditions you identified provided a challenge for your condition, it also may be associated (and therefore coincidental), with other triggers that may have affected you on these days.

      Naturally, you are the one who knows yourself and your condition best. And so, you may be 'spot on' with your analysis as to what happened to you. Again, you may want to discuss this further with your physician.

      We're glad to have you as a (new) member in our community. Please know that you are always welcome here!

      All the best,
      Leon (site moderator

      1. Yes

        1. It seems you have experience with this, friend. Can you explain a little bit more about your experience? Rebecca (team member)

      2. not really, but cold dry air does

        1. - Cold, dry air can lead to airway constriction making it more difficult to breathe. I see why you have issues during the cold winter months. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you well. Rebecca (team member)

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