By Kathi MacNaughton - January 17, 2018
Have you ever had an asthma attack? I have, and it’s scary. That feeling of not being able to catch your breath, coughing until tears are running down your face — it’s... READ MORE

By Kerri MacKay - January 12, 2018
I regularly iMessage with Kat and Dia, often about topic ideas for Asthma.Net writing—some recent posts borne of these discussions include ones on “‘medicinal’ Doritos” and Kat writing an atopy Q&A post... READ MORE

By Dia SWS - January 8, 2018
On a recently commute into the city, I was reading a scientific journal. I originally wanted to listen to a podcast, however I forgot my headphones and I didn’t want to be... READ MORE

By Dia SWS - January 5, 2018
I feel like there is a lot of talk about goals these days and for good reason. In my day job life, I think about goals a lot. As a coach, as a... READ MORE

By Kathi MacNaughton - January 4, 2018
Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD for short) are similar conditions that can be confusing to distinguish between. This post looks at the similarities and differences and how to tell the difference.... READ MORE

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